MODEL XSENS flow meters

Description & Application:

XACT flow rate and fractions meter for liquids measures all types of liquid and fractions. Typical measurement can be flowrate of oil and water and water cut measurement.

  • FUNCTIONALITY: Accuracy and functionality characterizing in-line flow meters
  • LOW COST: Low cost and mechanical integrity obtained by clamp-on installation

Terrain Slug Management Solution

MODEL Terrain Slug Management Solution

Description & Application:

Terrane Slug Management System is custom designed multi-phase pump (MPP). TSMS pumping requirements are unique due to the unconventional placement of the MPP’s in the flow path.
The unconventional placement of the TSMS equipment results in much lower pressures at the inlet compared with typical conventional placement of MPP’s, thus the inlet must accommodate far higher volume of gas at lower pressure than is typically the case.