Field Production/Operations

Reinforced Thermo Plastic Pipe

MODEL: Reinforced Thermo Plastic Pipe

Description & Application:

Reinforced thermoplastic pipe (RTP) is an alternative to traditional pipelining materials. RTP is composite spool-able pipe that offers high pressure capability, corrosion resistance, reliability, ruggedness, and demonstrated efficiency of installation.
Reliable solution for transporting hydrocarbons, refined fuels, and chemicals due to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, chemical compatibility, and paraffin buildup resistance. The strength of the pipe is its reinforcement.

Isothermal Compression System

MODEL Isothermal Compression System

Description & Application:

Provides a compact gas compression solution without need for traditional compressors.

Well Start-up Unit

MODEL Well Start-up Unit

Description & Application:

WSU slution reduces pressure at the well head / production header

Terrain Slug Management Solution

MODEL Terrain Slug Management Solution

Description & Application:

TSMS solution reduces pressure at the receiving (process) side of a pipeline/ flowline

These solutions optimize surface system pressures to ensure sustainable well production.
Moreover, eliminating/ reducing terrain slugging effects in flowlines and pipelines