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MODEL Electric Manipulation Tool

Description & Application:

The EMT uses the TorcMethod to transfer controlled rotation and torque to incredible axial loads.
Featuring a full down hole telemetry package enabling the operator to monitor what is happening during the whole operation and control the manipulation and forces the EMT represents a disruptive technology to the wireline market.
Being fully electric/mechanical the EMT adds a new way to operate down hole tools such as the TorcPlug using the patented TorcMethod in environments with temperatures up to 150 deg C and pressures up to 25000 psi. The two tools can be used to run and retrieve more than one plug size.

MODEL TorcPlug

Description & Application:

The TorcPlug is the worlds first barrier qualified multiple set retrievable bridge plug that can be run on wireline.
The multi set feature of the TorcPlug enables the operator to achieve improved operational efficiencies by reducing time and risk. Since the TorcPlug can be pressure tested with the running tool attached and re-positioned or retrieved to surface on the same run as needed it provides a safer and more efficient solution for plug applications, finishing the job in just one run.
Qualified up to ISO 14310 V0/Q1 and up to 10 000psi and 150 deg C the different TorcPlugs provide a robust solution to ensure efficiency and reduced risk in any operation.
In order to further improve the efficiency of down hole operations the TorcPlug can be delivered with an integrated junk basket allow the plug and junk basket to be run in hole together and also retrieved together on the same run.

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MODEL TorcMethod

Description & Application:

The TorcMethod enables E Plug to develop wireline tools that can be operated with the use of rotation.
TorcMethod is way to transfer rotation to axial and radial force using an electromechanical manipulation tools. E Plug has the opportunity to make a wide range of tools that can provide more efficient solutions in electric wireline and coil operations.
The main princinple is that E Plug can selectively control rotation and torque transferral through an interface that incorporates a counter hold and two independent manipulators.