The aim is to provide upstream Oil & Gas industry with new functionality, cost reduction and improved reliability for flow rate and fraction measurement topside and subsea. The cost-saving clamp-on design, makes the Xsens flow measurement competitive for a wide range of applications within the oil and gas industry and beyond.

MODEL XACT Flow Fraction

Description & Application:

High performance upstream O&G flow rate and fraction measurement for installation on the outside of process piping. XSENS XACT flow meter is easily installed at the outside of standard process piping, providing high accuracy flow rate of pure liquids, as well as fraction measurement of complex liquid mixtures. Multiple independent transducers and “off-centre” measurement allows for flow regime compensation similar to in-line multi-path flow meters.


Description & Application:

Cost efficient, accurate and reliable flow rate and fluid quality measurement, – measured from outside of the pipe.
XSENS XRATE flow meter offers accurate and cost-efficient flow meter performance, – all mounted on the outside of standard process piping. XSENS XRATE provide the majority of XSENS XACT features in a robust and cost-efficient design..

MODEL XSENS flow meters

Description & Application:

XACT flow rate and fractions meter for liquids measures all types of liquid and fractions. Typical measurement can be flowrate of oil and water and water cut measurement.

  • FUNCTIONALITY: Accuracy and functionality characterizing in-line flow meters
  • LOW COST: Low cost and mechanical integrity obtained by clamp-on installation