Hebei Heng An Tai Pipeline Co.,Ltd(Formerly Hydraulic Flexible Manifold Factory) was founded in 1994. We are a specialized flexible composite pipe enterprise which integrated R&D, Design,Manufacture and after-sales service. The subsidiaries include Heng An Tai(Beijing)Technology Branch Co.,Ltd, Shoude Pipeline Technology Co.,Ltd and PJOE Flexible Pipe Manufacturing Base.

Reinforced Thermo Plastic Pipe

MODEL: Reinforced Thermo Plastic Pipe

Description & Application:

Reinforced thermoplastic pipe (RTP) is an alternative to traditional pipelining materials. RTP is composite spool-able pipe that offers high pressure capability, corrosion resistance, reliability, ruggedness, and demonstrated efficiency of installation.
Reliable solution for transporting hydrocarbons, refined fuels, and chemicals due to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, chemical compatibility, and paraffin buildup resistance. The strength of the pipe is its reinforcement.