ABOUT Citadel

About Citadel

Citadel is structured for rapid response and stealthy efficiency. From technical collaboration and development through operational excellence, our specialists at Citadel quickly and accurately provide exactly what is needed for your unique operation.


Description & Application:

Casing guiding equipment is used to help navigate casing through hole rugosity and minute hole deviations that are present in all wellbores.
For this purpose, simple designs are more effective in preventing hang-ups when using casing running tools. We utilize a variety of guide nose configurations to optimize for each well profile to assist in reaching planned depth.
Citadel guiding equipment is available in virtually every casing size, weight, grade, and thread as well as with a variety of nose configurations.

MODEL Plug Placement Aids

Description & Application:

Citadel’s Prenup™ plug placement aids are designed to ensure cement plugs are placed with maximum success rate on the first attempt by eliminating risks associated with conventional plug setting methods.
Each Prenup™ provides a robust mechanism for ensuring accurate and reliable placement.
The Prenup™ allows sacrificial tail pipe to be run for the length of the plug, eliminating the need to pull pipe through partially set up or completely wet cement when setting plugs. The Prenup™ offers industry-leading strength, torque ratings and release reliability.
Citadel’s Prenup™ line of plug placement aids make complicated separations a thing of the past.