ABOUT Burintekh

About Burintekh

“BURINTEKH”, Ltd is high-tech oilfield services company.
Main business lines are development, production, service and delivery of high quality tools and reagents for drilling and workover operations. Company is equipped with powerful high-technology equipment, has its own research base which allows finding unique solutions for specific customer requirements and conditions.

MODEL: Core Barrels

THigh roughness cover of tungsten carbide throughout inside diame- ter provides reliable core catching during brake-off and pulling-out

Product Nomenclature:

SK - 178 / 100

Core barrel - Body outside diameter, mm / Core diameter, mm


  • Increased body diameter and reinforced threads increase service life and provide continuous trouble-free operation of core barrel;
  • Core tube tapered thread considerably speeds up make up and lay down operations;
  • Inner core tube suspension design allows making fast clearance adjustment between core head and inner-tube shoe and, if necessary, change standard heavy series thrust bearing within 10-15 minutes at rig site;
  • Collet core-cutters ahave necessary elastic characteristics due to special heat treatment technology and equipped with high roughness cover of tungsten carbide throughout inside diameter, which provide reliable core catching during brake-off and pulling-out operations;
  • The variety of toggle-type core catchers allows selecting overlapped core tube cross-section area depending on type of formation for reliable core keeping during pulling out operation;
  • Spiral centralizers decrease vibrations and fluctuations and allow increasing of core recovery percentage in fissured, cavernous and broken formations.

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