About Botil

India’s leading manufacturer of Down-hole completion Equipment conforming to global product and Environment, Health & safety standards. 40000 Sq. meters state of the art Manufacturing centre of excellence near New Delhi.

Product No.: BI 261-2U & BI 261-5U

Description & Application:

The BOTIL Model “BPDR” Pocket Slip Hydraulic set Rotating Liner Hangers can be used to rotate the liner string while running in and during cementing operations ensuring a more complete cement bond. Specially designed Recessed type/ Protected type slip deliver excellent hanging capacity and protected Slip design eliminates the risk of premature setting. The design is primarily based on the hydraulic setting of slip segments which distribute the liner weight evenly on the entire length of the slips, which is guided in the pocket of the cone. The Hanger provides large by-pass area in the set position.
The “BPDN” Pocket Slip is a Non-Rotating version of Model “BPDR” Liner Hanger, with same features and advantages.
The Hydraulic liner hanger may be set before or after cementing by applying pressure to running-in string.

MODEL Sand Control Gravel Pack Liner Packer System

Description & Application:

Size: 13-3/8” (61#-68#) x 7” 26# J-55 LTC Pin down
Running it to hang the water screen front of water formation& pumping gravel pack in the annulus to prevent sand reaching to surface with water.