About APIteq

APIteq is a Norwegian company established in 2005. APIteq have developed unique 360⁰ and 3D based Photogrammetry systems supported by Shell USA, Innovation Norway and the Research Council of Norway. This includes a 230 Megapixel 360⁰ full spherical camera system, a 3D Photo scanner and the VAM Visual Asset Management software. The APIteq advanced Digital Twin solutions have been provided to more than 70 Oil & Energy projects world-wide, including 14 projects and installations for Saudi Aramco in the KSA

3D Drill bit scanner

MODEL: 3D Drill bit scanner

Description & Application:

Delivering class leading photographic and scanning asset documentation solutions to:

  • Improve Efficiency
  • Saves Time and Cost
  • Enable Right Decisions

3D Asset Scanning

MODEL 360° Digital Twin VAM software

Description & Application:

The 360° Digital Twin combines high quality, true 360° full spherical photos, interactive maps, menus and navigation capabilities. The 360° Digital Twin is a visualization and communication tool for various work processes, such as engineering and operations planning

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