TF Warren Group

The group of companies now operating as the TF Warren Group began their journey in 1971 when Terry Warren started the first company of the group.

Warren began by developing a new specialist protective coating application company for the steel industry. With the sustained growth of its initial activities, the rubber lining and polymer divisions were added to the group. The steel tank fabricating and plate processing lines were subsequently added in both the US and Canada.

In 1983, Warren founded Blastco in Brantford, Ontario specializing in field blasting and painting of water towers, aboveground storage tanks, bridges, dams, sluice gates, and other steel structures.

In 1989, after recognizing the effect of environmental legislation and increasing costs of field surface preparation and coating applications, Warren closed Blastco and formed the shop application company Blastech. The environmentally controlled, 75,000 sqft., indoor facility (situated on 10 acres) was one of the first of its kind in Canada and specializes in abrasive cleaning of steel and application of industrial protective coatings for plate, pipe, structural steel, and miscellaneous fabrications.