On-site Machining

onsite_1From the largest equipment to the smallest precision components, on-site machining projects come in all sizes. Whatever needs to be done, the only certainty is that every hour of downtime affects your productivity and profitability. That’s why Metalock Engineering Saudi Arabia offers you the proven skills and experience of its On-Site Machining Division and a wide range of specialised portable machining equipment.

Casting Repairs

Successful cold repairs to iron, steel and aluminium components

When industrial components need to be repaired. The Metalock Engineering Saudi Arabia Casting Repair Division is the key to a fast return to productive operation. As part of the world’s largest and most successful company specialising in cold repair of cracked or broken industrial components, we use a unique process to repair to cast iron, steel and aluminium components around the world.

Crank pin Machining

crankpinMetalock Engineering Saudi Arabia brings a wealth of experience with in situ machining of crankpin and main bearing journals to the Middle East. This experience has been gained on large and small engines for marine propulsion/power and industrial power generation. More than 50 years’ experience and our hard-earned reputation is your reassurance that we can help you save time and money with cost-effective on-site repairs.

Thermal Spraying

Do you need to heat-shield surfaces to protect them at high temperatures? Or mend badly worn components without the cost of taking them back to base for repair?

Cost-effective solutions

Whatever you need to achieve with thermal spraying, the Metalock Engineering Group has an answer. Over the years, we’ve built a strong reputation in this specialist field. Now we’re offering thermal spraying services to customers in the Middle East from our new base in Saudi Arabia.


– Arc Spraying
– Flame spraying
– High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF)
– Plasma Spraying
– Depositing feedstock materials at high velocity

Thermal spraying and metal spraying involves heating a powder or wire feedstock to a molten or semi-molten state. It is then sprayed onto the target material at using a stream of high velocity gas or compressed air. This deposits a layer on the surface of the target material, a process that can be repeated by a skilled technician to progressively build a required finished thickness.


Shaft Recovery

Cement Mill Journal Recovery
914.4 mm diameter X 914.4 mm long

The high cost of shaft removal and replacement

When engineering bearings fail, it usually results in a damaged shaft. Whether the shaft is in land-based processing plant or onboard a ship, new bearings can be ordered and installed relatively easily. Shafts, however, are harder to replace, a process that typically involves stripping out a machine or a gearbox just to remove the shaft. Next, the damaged shaft must be transported to a repair facility before the process is repeated in reverse and the shaft is eventually replaced. In the meantime, someone will be facing high costs for removal, transport, repair, installation of the repaired shaft and lost production (or availability of a vessel).



Laser Alignment

Optical or laser alignment – keeping the marine and offshore industries afloat

When only the most accurate optical or laser alignment service will do, Metalock has the specialised skills required to do this work on site and help you reduce the time and cost required to carry out these vital inspections.

Optical or laser alignment for the marine industry

Our optical or laser alignment service is just one of many specialist engineering services we offer to the marine industry. We understand that time is money; our experience means we’re able to respond efficiently and quickly to customer requirements, even when they occur at very short notice. The benefits include these:

– Fast response.
– Accurate precision alignment on site.
– Save money and time.
– Get reassurance from skilled professionals.
– Reduce costly downtime.
– Get equipment back in operation (and earning money) as fast as possible.