Manpower & Logistics



Logistics used to mean getting materials and goods from point A to point B but these days they often have to make multiple stops as they get transferred from one place to another on root to their final destination. These goods must be stored securely, monitored closely and delivered with pinpoint accuracy to thousands of destinations.
The planning and preparation aspects of logistics are even more critical to the supply chain managers. Logistics executives must make decisions relating to packaging, containerization, documentation,insurance storage and importing and exporting.

Ultimately, we at ASH understand and value the importance of transportation because what motivates your transportation decisions will more than likely dictate how a supply chain manager will organize a complete logistical plan. Yet, in such a vast world, and with each item being so different from the other that even for an experienced executive, logistics can be intimidating, overwhelming and more than a challenge.


We at ASH possess a distinct set of professional and Skilled manpower (Riggers, Scaffolder, etc..) in the field who are certified by Saudi Aramco. The Saudi Aramco accreditation ensures that ASH completes all the projects with high professionalism while perfecting the work and the speed.